Could you write a small article about the advantages of using a sidechain for offchain computation?
Oliver Krautscheid

Hi Oliver,

Although the design is not yet decided, my assumption is that the sidechain would have two main functions: 1) alleviate the cost of issuing one ETH transaction per task execution (similar to payment channel), 2) hosting the Proof-of-Contribution protocol, 3) . The protocol for the sidechain can be much lighter than a PoW-like blockchain, thus it could offer better performance. Idealy, the entry point could be the sidechain so that the blockchain (Ethereum, or other) would commit the payment and smart contract transactions after the consensus about task execution is met. That’s the best way to provide small latency. Think it as speculative execution somehow. More about that in the coming months, when we’ll have more than intuitions ;-)