Last quarter we announced that Livestorm raised a $30 million Series B funding round. It’s a huge milestone for us, especially considering that Livestorm started out as a school project.

Since the announcement, there’s been a whirlwind of activity. I’ve done a ton of interviews, and I’m still handling a lot of contacts from the press. It’s been tricky to celebrate with the team in light of the current situation. Many countries are on lockdown, so plans for a team offsite have been put on the shelf for the moment. …

Thinking Database Design 

For the ones who are not aware of this amazing website, IMDB literally means Internet Movies Database. IMDB is “the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content” and by “popular”, we mean it: the website brings over 160 million visitors per month.

IMDB visitors are mainly:

  • Movies and TV shows enthusiasts.
  • Passionates, hard-core movie lovers.
  • People who just need an info for their casual consumption.
  • People with interests in show-business.

Our Reflexion and Motivation for This IMDB Redesign

When we first decided to do this redesign my teammate and I, we wanted to do something meaningful and not just good-looking. …

Thoughts on french Open Data

When we launched a year ago now we had no idea of the engagement we would generate. was an amazing opportunity to understand the stakes of Open Data in France and how to collect and process those datas. I decided to share here the teachings of this experience.

Open data is an occasion to empower citizens and cut off the middle man

History and Judeo-Christian traditions show that we always had “middle mens”. This phenomenon is even more true here in France. By “middle men”, I mean intermediaries. For example, there always was a priest between God and men or politicians between the citizen and the head of state. I mean, we…

Gilles Bertaux

Co-founder/CEO @livestormapp

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