I’m Not Down With the Safety Pin Backlash
Anoosh Jorjorian

Thank you for this. A friend of mine who, of course, speaks only for herself and not for any of the many intersecting groups of which she is a member and which are targeted by bigots, said that when she wore the safety pin, it occasioned some positive conversations. She said she feels safer with both the safety pins and BLM buttons when she sees them around her. I am a white woman who has been seeking a BLM button and am amazed I have yet to find one — nor a “Love Trumps Hate” button — in NYC and will have to order them online. While I’m waiting to receive them in the mail, I wear the safety pin to let others know I am an ally. Do I plan to back it up if the occasion calls for me to? Damn straight — I mean, absolutely.

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