“My journey back to love!”

What happened …. Why did you go so far away?

Out of reach, out of sight …. I can’t feel you at all today.

Today – not only! But for a very long time it seems.

You left me so long ago, it’s like I only recognise you in my dreams.

What once I had ….. was quickly lost.

So many things numbed my emotions … they were snatched and tossed.

Tossed away, nothing more than yesterday’s news. I can’t help sitting here all this time, feeling so bemused!

Miracles do happen! For what once was lost, has now been found.

You came to me in my time of need, and you helped me ground.

To feel love within this human reality. Was the awakening I needed to know that both could live in duality.

Where unconditional bliss was now back in my reach. It opened my heart and led me to teach.

My journey of pain to love has been one worth fighting for. My mission I know now is to share the truth and open lights door.

To shine on through to help you release your fears. To help you reach new heights and to cry those tears!

How I have blossomed …. Now you will too.

When you learn to love yourself and under stand YOU.

You can share you gifts and beauty of wonder. To those that seek to come home – and pull them out from downunder.