“The definition”

Oh Pain – How does this hurt continue to define me?

Smashed into little pieces of broken dreams, distorted images of who I thought I would be.

Why have I let you linger deep inside my soul?

Driven by fear and mistrust – Jesus how it’s taken its toll!

Oh such toll on my body, spirit and mind.

Holding me back from with your subconscious ideals of the sublime.

Of that heavenly idea that I was worthy of love.

So pure and unconditional – it’s something I could only dream of!

No clue, no hope – no experience of such a creature.

Oh so Beautifully flawed – how could I imagine my future?

And so it has all began – with a transformation almost Disney-like and just as grand!

That moment when Cinderella slipped on that glass slipper.

I too shall go to the ball in all my glory, shining like the goddess I'm am – just wait until you meet her.

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