One of my life long goals is to become a Youtuber. For beauty, hair, and makeup. The whole thing. I want that experience. But the idea of being a Youtuber has changed. I remember when I was about twelve YouTube was a platform to help people in makeup. Show them how to do winged eyeliner and eyeshadow. Now YouTube has turned into another way to make money. It is not even about the YouTubers getting paid by YouTube. It is the part that companies pay these people just to say that a particular product is great and then they hand them a check for doing so. Companies only do this to the YouTubers with thousands even millions of subscribers. And the YouTubers actually make a living off of this. First off. YouTube is not a career. YouTube is a hobby. YouTube should be a side “job” or activity that you do outside of your main career. It is hard to judge whether a YouTuber’s content is honest if they are doing YouTube just to earn money because they could be saying anything just to earn a check. Of course, if your video is sponsored by a company and you are doing a product review, you have to say good things about that product because that company is basically paying you to say those things. This one particular YouTuber was doing a video about products she hates buying and it was an unsponsored video. It wasn’t actually products she really hated with a passion it was just the title of the video. She mentioned a particular blush from this brand and she basically said it was okay, but then she actually took it back and said she liked it. I guess the company didn’t hear the second part so they stopped communicating with that girl and they stopped sending her free stuff because if someone is sponsoring you, they expect you to say good stuff about them. I also don’t like the whole idea of getting paid for YouTube because you never know what someone would do for money. There have been YouTubers that say out front that they are only doing sponsored videos because they need money. So, there can be an 80 percent chance that whatever that person says in that video is a lie. Yes, they do lie. Some even lie about whether their video is sponsored or not because they know their subscribers hate sponsored videos. Even when YouTubers do sponsored videos most of them sound fake and they don’t even use the products that they are reviewing in real life. Just for that video. Then you never see them use that product again in any of their other videos. Having YouTube as a career is too risky. Your success really depends upon how many subscribers you have, how many views you have on your videos, and how many likes you have on your videos. All those things can be easily taken away. You might be wondering. How much money do these YouTubers make? I honestly do not know a number amount, but I am assuming it is a lot in order to just live off that money. This one particular YouTuber has about 400,000 subscribers and I think she has or had a modelling career, but that isn’t really important. She drives a Mercedes-Benz, lives in a huge loft in California (it is so beautiful), and she has such a nice wardrobe. All of that stuff is from YouTube. She does not even need to but clothes or makeup because companies send her clothes and makeup for free or in exchange for a product review video.

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