We meet our soulmate once.

We might not know that they’re our soulmate.

They could be a friend, or a partner.

When we meet them we won’t know it. It’ll take months for us to realize that simply someone so great is in our lives and they make our minds sharper.

That’s you. My soulmate.

You don’t think you’re enough, you don’t think you’re perfect but I need you to realize

That the skies would be empty without you

You are more than enough.

You make our empty stomach that is our life full

You wax on your love and wax off the pain that fogs my brain — you are the light house guiding my boat away from the jagged rocks to the safest area you can get to.

People love you.

You don’t know it but there is so much love for you that you don’t realize it.

Not just love — but love. Love as in palms sweat, your knees turn to jelly, butterflies gnaw at your insides trying to burst free into beauty. My heart leaps out of my chest across oceans and cliffs and gaps for you, as does so many other people’s.

You are important.

You are the sun, you are water, you are the bees and the trees and everything that we need. You are important. Your feelings matter.

I want to help.

I want to explore your mind but you won’t give me the warrant when all I want is to help but being your friend is help enough.

Where is the love? It’s been here the whole time.

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