Her latest loss in court will mean that despite global support through the #FreeBritney Campaign, she’s not going to see freedom any time soon.

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In recent months, Britney Spears has been in the headlines regularly.

#FreeBritney is a trending hashtag on all social media platforms.

Fans and celebrities alike are voicing their immense concern for Britney’s wellbeing, and the peculiar situation she is currently in which is causing her to be a prisoner in her own life.

In a tangle of public pressure, mental health struggles, opportunist family members, and millions of dollars worth of capital, the current situation for the 38-year-old Pop Star sensation is a messy and complex one.

Here is a breakdown of the struggle thus far:

What’s the full story?

Many of you will remember Britney Spears’ infamous meltdown of 2008, when she walked into a hair salon and, in front of a trove of paparazzi, shaved all of her hair clean off. …

Goop is a modern lifestyle brand that threatens our quality of life and is a danger to the health of women everywhere.

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Model, actress and businesswoman Gwyneth Paltrow possesses an immense amount of social influence and powerful potential to make a radical difference in the world in truly positive ways.

Instead, however, Paltrow seems determined to squeeze every last penny she can out of hopeful and trusting women around the globe who respect or look up to her.

In a world where women’s health and body autonomy is already not taken as seriously as it should be, I have a real bone to pick with Paltrow’s “wellness” lifestyle brand and company, Goop, charging exorbitant amounts of money for faulty and dangerous products backed only by unsubstantiated, false and ludicrous claims. …

It’s possible for no alarms to go off, even when you’re looking for every little red flag.

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Photo by Ty Feague on Unsplash

Recently, I recorded a podcast episode with Maggie Lupin & Jessica Lovejoy for our Fearless She Spoke podcast detailing our most horrible dating experiences.

We narrated this episode with humor of the ‘What-The-F*ck' nature that many women (and really anyone who has ever dated at any point in time) could resonate with.

In that recording, I jump-start the episode with the story of how I went on a date with a guy who ended up being an attempted mass shooter, who was thankfully caught by police before he opened fire on my university.

I go into depth about how utterly boring the date was, how this guy was incredibly uninteresting, and that though I thought he was “the nicest guy in the world”, we had absolutely nothing in common so it wasn’t a good match. …

I’m probably one of those people, but I’m also stubborn as hell.

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Photo by Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition on Unsplash

When I was looking for the right birth control option for my husband and I, we only had a few options available.

I’d been on the pill years before, and it really messed with my system. It threw my hormones way out of whack, and just didn’t have me feeling like myself. So that option was out.

After plenty of research, and talking my several of my doctors, I settled on getting an IUD.

I was even more sold on the prospect when my gynecologist diagnosed me with endometriosis, a chronic condition that results in increased pain and inflammation in the female reproductive system, and there was a particular IUD (the Mirena) that is proven to relieve pain related to endometriosis.

As a community of survivors at Fearless, this is a topic we’re paying close attention to.

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Image via the Jakarta Post

In June 2016, Amber Heard went public with allegations that Johnny Depp, her then ex-husband, had physically abused her and that she was a victim of intimate partner violence. This news surfaced when Heard filed for a restraining order against Depp shortly after their divorce, citing domestic abuse as the cause.

Heard then went on to pen an opinion piece in the Washington Post in 2018 stating the backlash she received after speaking out about being a victim of Depp’s alleged abuse.

Depp denied all accusations from the very start.

As more media outlets picked up on the story, Johnny Depp’s reputation went south very quickly, and he experienced a substantial loss in job opportunities and acting roles because of these accusations. …

In the times of a pandemic, this is advice we should all be paying attention to.

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Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

This isn’t just entertainment to make you squirm, this is actual health advice that could ensure your future safety!

The video in question, a Tik Tok, was posted by flight attendant Kat Kamalani earlier this week.

In this Tik Tok, she explains that while, yes, the aboard staff do in fact clean the plane after every flight, not every surface is sanitized to kill all germs from the many passengers who have travelled on the plane.

In the times of COVID-19, sanitization is more important than ever. This video is about raising awareness, and knowing which parts of a plane you should be wiping down before you start touching all over it. …

It appears I may be a pro! Let me share my wisdom with you.

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Photo by John Bussell on Unsplash

My work gets a lot of comments — some of them, depending on the content matter, are very unkind.

When I talk about controversial things like — female body autonomy, equal rights, basic human rights, etc — the comments can be pretty rage-driven.

Those “controversial” topics get a lot of people really angry (almost exclusively white people, so take that as you will…)

If you too like to write about things like basic human rights and treating one another with decency, then you already know where this is going.

But if you are an aspiring writer, and are looking for ways to be overwhelmingly disliked online, I’ve got the ingredients you need to implement for automatic-dislikable-status online.

Disrespect of sacred religious script and cultural appropriation this weekend opened more dialogue about celebrity responsibility and accountability.

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Rihanna, musician and businesswoman extraordinaire, took a step back from music a few years ago to pursue her highly successful business endeavours.

So far, her businesses have been performing spectacularly. From her Fenty Beauty makeup to a lingerie line, Rihanna has been an empowering and fierce entrepreneur paving the way for others to look up to in the business world.

We’ve watched over the years as Rihanna has revolutionized the makeup world with very poignant strides to reach better equality for consumers and representation in the models she uses.

Rihanna has made international headlines through releasing a concealer line (and other product since) that contained an unprecedented amount of shades for People of Colour, when historically brands offer a wider variety of shades for individuals with lighter skin tones, leaving those with darker skin tones to find only sub-par concealer matches. …

Between deeply seeded societal expectations and my own personal trauma, I’m having an internal conflict with this.

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Photo by Daniel Watson on Unsplash

From the time I bought my first house and moved in on my own, I’ve wanted to ensure I have a high-quality relationship with my neighbours.

This adorable, semi-detached suburban on the corner lot of a somewhat busy street is honestly my dream home. I was so proud to buy it, and did so planning to raise my family here.

Knowing I would be here for decades, raising my future children in this home, maintaining healthy relationships with my neighbours.

Gauging where discomfort is a valid concern, and where it becomes selfish privilege.

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Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

When COVID hit, we all watched our lives change dramatically.

In more ways than one.

Three months ago, things changed even more for my household. A good friend of ours was in a crisis situation, making his housing set-up dangerous for his safety and mental health.

In the middle of this pandemic, we took our friend in to offer a safe place to land.

That same friend has struggled with alcoholism for over a decade, and upon arriving to us expressed a desire to turn his life around. …


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