Goop is a modern lifestyle brand that threatens our quality of life and is a danger to the health of women everywhere.

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Model, actress and businesswoman Gwyneth Paltrow possesses an immense amount of social influence and powerful potential to make a radical difference in the world in truly positive ways.

Instead, however, Paltrow seems determined to squeeze every last penny she can out of hopeful and trusting women around the globe who respect or look up to her.

In a world where women’s health and body autonomy is already not taken as seriously as it should be, I have a real bone to pick with Paltrow’s “wellness” lifestyle brand and company, Goop, charging exorbitant amounts of money for faulty and dangerous products backed only by unsubstantiated, false and ludicrous claims. …

It’s possible for no alarms to go off, even when you’re looking for every little red flag.

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Photo by Ty Feague on Unsplash

Recently, I recorded a podcast episode with Maggie Lupin & Jessica Lovejoy for our Fearless She Spoke podcast detailing our most horrible dating experiences.

We narrated this episode with humor of the ‘What-The-F*ck' nature that many women (and really anyone who has ever dated at any point in time) could resonate with.

In that recording, I jump-start the episode with the story of how I went on a date with a guy who ended up being an attempted mass shooter, who was thankfully caught by police before he opened fire on my university.

I go into depth about how utterly boring the date was, how this guy was incredibly uninteresting, and that though I thought he was “the nicest guy in the world”, we had absolutely nothing in common so it wasn’t a good match. …

I’m probably one of those people, but I’m also stubborn as hell.

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Photo by Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition on Unsplash

When I was looking for the right birth control option for my husband and I, we only had a few options available.

I’d been on the pill years before, and it really messed with my system. It threw my hormones way out of whack, and just didn’t have me feeling like myself. So that option was out.

After plenty of research, and talking my several of my doctors, I settled on getting an IUD.

I was even more sold on the prospect when my gynecologist diagnosed me with endometriosis, a chronic condition that results in increased pain and inflammation in the female reproductive system, and there was a particular IUD (the Mirena) that is proven to relieve pain related to endometriosis.


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