Everything Old is NEW Again!

This isn’t a story so much as it is an observation.

First of all, I started to write this thing half an hour ago, and then my computer informed me that it would be restarting for updates. OY! So, here I am, having to write the same post again.

That wouldn’t have happened if I’d written this on a typewriter. You don’t need to ‘restart’ typewriters. I guess that’s one of the reasons writers seem to be going back to them. And that’s at the heart of this post.

Creative communications through time.

I mean, here it is, 2016, and I notice more and more I.D. pics of creative people use typewriters as their avatar. Why is that? My theory ( and you can correct me if I’m wrong) is that writers prefer typewriters because the typewriter connects them EXCLUSIVELY to their work. There is no internet. No emails. No social media. It’s all about the story. The work. And the clacking of the keys provide something of a rhythmic hypnosis that draws the writer into their own world.

Let me know if I’m close or nowhere near making sense. And thanks for listening