Happy Thanksgiving, America!
Rosanna Stevens

as an Australian I found some of this perplexing, apart from the cliche stab at the PM for the NBN (wanna come and play on my shitty internet in the country? the NBN *is* better, I’ve used it at an AirBnb in Sydney). but it’s so trendy to pretend to be a lefty, isn’t it?

Cheers to your Nicole Kidman comment, what a brilliant moment of clarity in a muddled ramble.

I personally would love to start a “thanksgiving” movement in Au, perhaps on May 8, the date the lefties want to move Australia Day to (cos moving the date changes everything….). And perhaps it could truly be about a positive step towards reconciliation, and hopefully not about shopping. At least it’s autumn, so we could finally introduce pumpkin pie to Australia (sans the tin, we are better than that, someone give Donna Hay a call).

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