Sensitive — The kibana sense plugin as a native app

“Sensitive” — The elasticsearch sense plugin as a native app

Those of you used elasticsearch for long enough are definitely familiar with the sense plugin. It started out as a free chrome extension and served as a simple and comfortable user-interface to create elasticsearch queries. It was simple to use, and it made querying elasticsearch a piece of cake.

After a while, Elastic — the company behind Elasticsearch and other open source software platforms — pulled the plug on the extension, so people were unable to download it anymore. It was then made available only as part of the Marvel plugin, which is the elasticsearch monitoring app that needs to be purchased.

Recently, the elastic team released sense as a free Kibana plugin. Now, you can install it as an addition to Kibana.

I decided to take the sense code and wrap it with electron framework so that it could be used as a native desktop app. Now, anyone can use it on any elasticsearch server without installing Kibana, running a local HTTP server, or taking up a chrome tab. I’ve called the project “Sensitive”.

To view the source code, download the package (currently only for Mac OS), or contribute to the project, visit my GitHub page: