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I think you’re on to something… some of us have it so easy — instant access to the answers to our questions, all the food we can possibly eat, we don’t even have to travel to be connected to nearly every spot on earth… so we don’t have to work for discovery. These things aren’t going to change. I think what can change is our own views on what’s important. Art, music, creativity, community… these things, the very things being defunded in the U.S. (for example) need to come back to the forefront of our minds. Humans need worthy challenges. We are built for it. Where there’s no challenge we’ll create one. We think we want to be comfortable but that could be cultural and generational. What our parents and their parents wanted because they and their ancestors had to live through so many wars and work so hard. The truth is we need worthwhile challenges to be happy, not things handed to us… ok that was a bit of an unorganized thought but maybe you’ll get the gist. Thanks for bringing this thought up and putting it to paper (and audio!)