Kind of sad how I feel, before I lurch into this one that I have to
somehow justify why I support women and am not some bigot trying
to tear down the glimmering beauty of the human peach plastered all
over my news feed but unfortunately, I haven’t cared what people think
since I was maybe 16. 15. 14? Actually, not sure I ever have!

This is not a call out or a catcall at any girls flashing their flesh on the
socials. In fact, I applaud you — you’re looking fabulous. This is to point
out that the highly paid models and actress who plaster your feed with
pictures of their cheeks aren’t feminists, at least, they’re not feminists by
doing that.

I know, okay, my body my rules. Yes, your body your rules. However,
my body my rules — I want to push someone over. No, that’s assault. My
body my rules, I want to post a picture of my boobs on social media and
potentially harm other women from it. Harm other women? One word,
comparison. We are all guilty of it and it’s no secret that women have
always scoped online and found gorgeous, slim, blonde-haired women
from all corners of the world to gawk at. One problem, I don’t look like

Comparison is a naturally occurring reaction, hell — we do it with everything! I walk through food markets all the time, getting the biggest, juiciest red apples, the nicest looking sandwiches and the cutest pairs of shoes (oops). It’s natural, we all do it. This is not something individuals need to get over, it’s something we should accept.

Feminism, which is essentially a fight for the equal rights of both men
and women is being hijacked by female celebrities. Not so sexy to begin,
it is now a cover for high-paying Instagram models to use in order to
make themselves more appealing to the female gender. What they’re
actually selling is sex and what they’re making, is a lot of cash.

I do follow quite a few women who strip off for the occasional post and I
have to say, I love it. These women are free, spiritual and present
themselves as being more than sex. Their occasional nude pic is only to
highlight how at peace they are with themselves and their surroundings.
They are feminists.

I am sure every individual reading this can picture the women across
social media who sell sex in the guise of feminism. I am not coming out
with my pitch forking screaming shut down her socials but I am saying,
call it what it is. Don’t be afraid to unfollow women who diminish your sex
to one attribute and fill your feed with women who inspire you more than
just physically.

I believe that nurturing the idea that people can be more than just their
physical beauty is progressive. I understand that you can gain monetary
profits from selling your ass-ets, but be honest with it. It’s okay to turn a buck with what you’ve got but deception isn’t hot. How cute that that

Image via @thisispaperstudio