The Importance of Getting Clarity

The day you get clarity is the day the world will stop telling you who you should be and the day you will no longer be allowed to be silent about who you are.

The world of course may very well continue in its own noisy confusion about who you are but even its noise will be your silence.

And so what is this clarity?

It is a clarity that is a disassociation from all that which confuse, from all that which detract, from all that which dissipate. It is an embrace of all that which give focus, all that which is truth, all that which is without pretense.

The clarity that arises from that which once confused, that which once detracted, that which once dissipated, from that which was once pretense.

You will know you have clarity when what seemed like mountains yesterday, are today not even visible on the horizon. You will know you have clarity when you can see distinctly and know what to love and embrace ardently.

Clarity of mind means clarity of passion, too; this is why a great and clear mind loves ardently and sees distinctly what it loves.” — Blaise Pascal

Sometimes it is the very same process that brings you pain and confusion that will precipitate your healing and your clarity. Sometimes your mountains are mountains because you in your despair created them. As such, you see these mountains as huge obstacles bearing down on you, obscuring the oceans and horizons of your possibilities.

At first you look up at your mountains and to you they appear so imposing, so demanding of what you do not seem to have, that you seem unable to climb them or find a way around them.

Yet, as your despair grows, an amazing thing happens — your mountains surrender and intimidate you no more.

Suddenly instead of obstacles, they quietly become elevations that you are lifted up to. The view now seems remarkably clearer from this higher place.

What you thought was bearing down on you has lifted you up to clarity.

The more you engage your mountains, your challenges, the more you grow and the less they intimidate you. They will bring you clarity and lift you up to where you can truly see your own possibilities.

Do not shirk from your mountains, sometimes they are there to elevate you to the point where you cannot help but being clear about your path and who you are.

Your clarity will be well earned and you will no longer be defined by the experiences or perceptions of others but by your own experiences and perceptions. Clarity has found you and you have found clarity.

And so what must you do with your new found clarity?

First, you guard it. It is hard-won and fully deserves to be protected and valued.

Allow no one to infuse doubt into your clarity so that they can cloud your vision with their own fears and perceptions.

Then you must bring it to bear on a world that too is seeking its own clarity. Through your relationships, through your work, through your interactions.

This is your gift to the world, unique to you and you only. You must give of that fully authentic self.

And you will. Quietly, confidently.

I write so that I can discover and be exposed to the nuances of life through context.

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