Andela Bootcamp: Part 3.1

Well, if you have been following these posts for a while, you might notice the headline has a little mystery (not spooky). The reason being, am expressing my experience with the Andela Bootcamp so my part goes “1, 2, 3, and so on”, but you ask, “What’s with the .1?” Good question, and I will answer, “Collaboration”.

So let me explain. Collaboration is one of those core values at Andela that enables candidates and fellows to work together to share experiences and perspectives on various aspects of solving a problem. This is highly important because, even if you are the best developer out there, you will still need some feedback, whether it will be handing your project over to a Q&A team, or your supervisor for peer review. Picture it this way, you have spent say 3 days working on a project, and you were in “your zone”, you know, that feeling you get when you are at your best concentration and your mind feels like a supercomputer. At that time, it’s probably a good practice to utilize this time to your level best. But let’s face it, this does not last forever, and at some point, “your zone” will seem to have gone for a recess.

Back to the main point here, after that deep concentration, you will need some form of feedback from your colleagues or even peers, which not only gives you valuable feedback but also one feels that for whatever time you were working on that piece of code, your time was definitely worth it. Of course, feedback will not always be that cherry on top of the red-velvet cake (I’m starting to like this cake, I’ll tell you more on this later) because some persons will be like “This is really good, I like your approach, share it with me so I can have a clear look at it”. This is good feedback since it shows that the person is interested in your work, and would be more likely to give you valuable feedback.

But the reality somehow hits home for the less experienced developers out there. It’s okay when developers feel that their code is better, and it is at its best performance yet, and nobody else can match it up (aww, how adorable), but it’s not the case. To achieve the best, a developer, or anyone else has to seek constant feedback, because there will always be that one person who has a totally different perspective. But like some of you esteemed readers will say, “Only dead fish go with the flow”. Hmm, okay, good one, but everything has it’s application area and that one does not quite fit it here.

This is Andela! (TIA)

Overall, collaboration is what builds the roads, the best gadgets, the best Artificial Intelligence, and most importantly, the best societies. Maybe if we collaborated more we may just be able to solve world peace, difficult, but not impossible. My experience at Andela is, find what triggers “your zone”, and utilize that moment, then there after get some peer review. Otherwise, you may end up following a snake hole instead of a rabbit hole. Cheers :)