Want to deflate the token bubble? Fix the market cap indicator.
Zach Herbert

Good article. I’ve been watching a number if these odd metrics for some time and because of certain contacts that I am not at liberty to divilge — I can tell you that the first significant bubble-burstin the crypto market is going to produce class-action lawsuits and likely — criminal charges against entities that post misleading metrics such as those you noted. You see, the skewed figures you noted will be used in claims of FRAUD BY MISREPRESENTATION against those posting the figures that also have a stake in the marketplace itself. Make no mistake: The law-firms are already prepping paperwork to attract a “damaged class” of investors and those civil lawsuits will be the basis of CRIMINAL FRAUD CHARGES filed against those who MISREPRESENTED markets with the use thereof. Therefore — let me offer some friendly wisdom: If you’re going to buy tokens — obtain those that are part of projects that are REAL SERVICES. Offering a real service translates into real value. This will help stabilize the long term value of the token. Disclaimer: Nothing I say is to be considered investment advice. If you listen to me your cat’s fur may fall out and elves may pillage you cupboards.

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