28 Tools & Resources for YouTubers

Whether you are just starting out or looking to take your channel to the next level, here is a list of the best resources for YouTubers and product companies. Some of these are not necessary, some may require an investment, and some will make a world of a difference to your growth as a YouTuber.

Check out the list of tools that range from managing your social accounts, to creative tools, all the way to communities that will help grow you channel.

Social Networking and Sharing Tools

Buffer AppBuffer makes it super easy to share any page/video you’re reading across multiple social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+). Schedule posts, see clickthroughs, and manage multiple social accounts effectively.

Bit.lyIn addition to its main URL shortening service, the website provides tools to view statistics related to users that click on generated links.

Snip.lyA new way of sharing URLs that allow you to add a footer bar to the page that links to another page.

Click to TweetCreate tweets that make it easy for others to share across Twitter.

Google+Often neglected, but Google+ pages are a great way of sharing video content and joining communities of people within your industry. As it links with your YouTube channel, Google+ is an important social media tool for YouTubers.

Sponsorships and YouTube Collaboration Tools

Channel PagesSearch for YouTubers to collaborate or post up opportunities for companies to sponsor you.

Patreon (Advanced) — Kind of like a Kickstarter for YouTubers, allow your most dedicated fans support your channel with small donations.

How to Earn Some Revenue

Amazon AffiliatesConsider being an Amazon affiliate in order to receive commission for products that you promote.

SpreadshirtAs you create your own personal brand, think about creating your own branded shirts for your fans.

Sponsored TweetsA Twitter advertising platform that connects advertisers with tweeters. The site provides robust targeting and detailed analytics.

Analytics and Traffic Information

Social BladeSocial Blade is a premiere YouTube statistics tracking website giant that allows you to watch the progress of your YouTube Career! Though there are many great reasons why you should be using Socialblade daily.

VidIQ Vision (Chrome Extension) — This extension helps you understand why videos are promoted in YouTube’s Related Videos, Search, Recommended Videos, and more.

Tubular Labs (Advanced) — Real-time audience dashboard that helps creators, digital studios and brands better know, and better grow, their audience. Tubular’s audience insights and recommendations to help you make faster, Big Data-informed programming, sales and audience development decisions.

E-Mail List Management

MailChimpMailChimp is the best way to design, send, and share email newsletters.

Creative Production Support and Tools

VideoPixieAsk for professional/freelance help by setting a fixed price or ask for bids for your project.

Video HiveTake advantage of simple intro and video skins to add animation to your videos.

Audio JungleAffordable audio files to apply in your videos.

Elgato Game Capture HDFor those starting a gaming channel, I recommend purchasing this gadget to record and upload gaming footage for console, PC, and mobile devices.

YouTube Creators Tips

YouTube PlaybookProvide partners with a great resource that compiles important tips, best practices, and strategies to help you build your audience on YouTube. We hope that you find the information helpful to your creative process, and we hope to help you take your channel to the next level.

YouTube Creators Hub- Your home for resources to help create better content, build fan bases, and turn your creativity into your career

YouTube Help (YouTube Channel) — Tutorials, troubleshooting, and tips from the YouTube Help team.

ReelSEOThe Online Video Marketer’s Guide — The world’s leading resource for news, analysis, tips and trends for the online video and internet marketing industries. Our videologists & columnists offer expert advice, guidance, and commentary about the world of online video in an effort to guide internet marketers and video content producers towards best practices and online video services that suit their needs.

Keyword Generation ToolImprove your metadata keywords with this tool. See which keywords stand out.


YT TalkAn open forum for YouTubers to discuss trends, tips, and share their videos.

RedditFinding the right groups based on your industry, whether it is make-up, technology, sports, or others, is the best place to share you content and ignite discussions.

Giveaways & Contests

RafflecopterA giveaway widget that works great for embedding within your blog.

WooBoxA Facebook tool that requires a ‘gated’ like in order to enter. A great tool for gaining Facebook likes.

Gimmy ItYes, we may be a bit bias here, but our tool allows you to create customized landing sites for you to host your giveaway video and entry methods. This is easily shareable across all your social networks. No coding, no hosting, and no stresses in running a giveaway.



A YouTube #giveaway tool. Gimmy It grows a YouTuber's social reach with tools to manage, track, and create beautiful giveaways.

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