Personalized Learning — A Continuing Journey

As the school year has ended and my summer of learning has begun where I get to be the learner instead a facilitator of learning for others. As an educator the best part of personal learning is being able to have great things to share with others. This is an experience students should experience from their learning. This thought is why I value Personalized learning and where I find myself wondering if students are enjoying and wanting to share what they are learning.

At CCIRA 2016 Steve Spangler talked about if what is taught in class makes it to the student’s dinner table (as for discussion) you have won as a teacher. Thinking about this statement now, it needs to go further — students need to have a voice, get excited, and share their learning with their peers and others. I am beginning to believe that sharing learning is where ownership of the learning has taken place and the learner has personalized the meaning of their learning they are engaging. So, three elements are present with personalized learning: Ownership, engagement, excitement. How do these three elements impact the design of the instructional plan created by the teacher? These are the questions I hope to begin answering as I am learning and reading Personalized Learning by Allison Zmuda and the online community book.