Gina Pickersgill
Jan 31 · 2 min read

A recent bout of nasty chest infection had me thinking about my health more closely this week. A build-up to a break down in my immune system had developed through ‘doing too much too soon’ in terms of physical exertions. I was taken down by an inability to breathe due to some obstructions in my airways. At first, I wanted to panic and almost called an ambulance, but I was reluctant as I didn’t want to go to the hospital or leave my cat. But I had to do ‘something’. My holistic healing head took over. I had some eucalyptus, a bowl, some boiling water, and a towel for my head.

Inhaling the vapour helped calm my breathing, plus I knew I was doing ‘something’ to help myself. Instead of going into a blind panic, I engaged a ‘mind over matter’ strategy and began the healing process in full ‘awakened’ consciousness. It’s for times like these that I founded The Healing Pool Magazine, whose tagline is ‘strategies for resilient living’. When we can plan and strategize our own healing, we feel more in control and thus more empowered.

The Healing Pool Podcast guests are asked ‘what can you tell our listeners to help them live more resiliently?’ Check out their answers by listening to expert episodes at the link below.

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