Nice hit piece.
Aimee Coleman

I do believe that if I were in my 20’s or at least my early ones, I would have been for Sanders. Thank you, God! I know so much more in my later years about how our system works (since forever! — it has been compromise !) or that most of what the GOP says about her has been lies (but that did not stop many many BS people from repeating them !) Oh and last summer a fellow Hillary supporter said to me — “If BS’s talking points sound familiar, that’s because they are ALL in the 2012 Democratic Convention Platform !” So I googled that & sure enough — income inequality, campaign finance, Wall Street reform (ole BS thinks that was his idea ! haha !), the environment, college costs, etc etc……So — the democratic party has got this — and Hillary will have this on Tuesday June 7th ! Go home, BS & Jane !!!

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