Personal Success — A goal without a plan is just a wish

Personal Success — Everybody has their own idea of what success is in their mind. But how do we hold ourselves accountable and strive towards our goals whilst maintaining motivation and momentum? In this article, I will break down the fundamental keys to maintaining momentum so you can achieve personal success.

The power of making a decision

In order to be on your way to personal success, whether you want to start your own business, lose 10 pounds, travel the world, invest in property, or find the love of your life you need to make a firm decision.

There is no half-way, you cannot half commit to making a decision. You really have to make a firm DECISION that you are going to commit yourself to your new goal and figure out your WHY. Discovering your WHY is crucial to your foundation of your new goal. Asking yourself why this is important to you and writing down the reasons will help you maintain momentum when you start to lose sight of why you started in the first place.

The path to personal success can often be over complicated and this is why I strongly advise that you understand the value in keeping it simple, to remain focused on your end result.

Beware of becoming distracted

Personally, I failed effortlessly throughout my early 20’s. I don’t mean in life in general, I mean in business. Why? Because often I would get distracted. I’d start off on a business venture then somebody would see my passion and drive then offer me an “incredible opportunity”.

The “incredible opportunities” never maintained momentum because it wasn’t what I was truly passionate about. If you want to reach personal success you will need to learn how to say no. Plain and simple. When you begin to start your journey whether you are striving to get fit or quit your job and start your own thing, there will be people and opportunities that will present themselves, if they are not aligned with your target do not give them any further thought.

Learn how to say no and stay focused.

Personal Success Strategy

What is your plan? What is the strategy you plan to use to get to your end result? If you are in business, what service or product do you offer? What is your marketing plan? Who is your target market? How do people associate you as an expert in this field? Who is your competition? These are all important questions you should be asking yourself when you are creating your strategy/business plan.

If you are planning on radically transforming your body, what is your game plan? What are you going to eat on a daily basis? Will you hire a coach or a personal trainer? If you think that buying a gym membership and walking on a treadmill is going to be enough of a plan you need to rethink your game plan.

There is an abundance of information on the internet, and people in the world who are experts. These experts have more than likely achieved what it is that you want. Modeling is a great contributor that you could add to your gameplan.

What is modeling? It’s the concept that you model another person. The truth is, success leaves clues. When I decided I wanted to invest in property what did I do? I went and worked for a property investment company and learned from mentors who had 10+ million dollar portfolios. I had to completely wipe everything I had been taught prior and re-learn from the experts. The result of that? I now understand the property industry, I love it and I have zero fear when it comes to investing in property and building my personal portfolio.

Maintaining momentum toward personal success

Personal progress makes us feel positive, motivated and inspired, however, when we focus on something we did not achieve towards our goal, we often find ourselves feeling depressed, frustrated or beating ourselves up. The key to remaining motivated and inspired is to focus on all of your small wins. A stack of small wins equals a massive win. Remember that.

This is why mastering your self-awareness is so important. What you choose to focus on is everything. If you don’t achieve every little thing you were meant to on one day, don’t waste time beating yourself up, just do it tomorrow or even now!

What you focus on expands. Be mindful of where you place your focus.

To maintain momentum, focus on your wins daily. If you ate a salad when normally you would drink a diet coke and eat a donut, celebrate that little win. If you made that cold call in record timing when normally you would procrastinate for 3 hours, celebrate your win.

If you stay committed, focused and you have a strategic game-plan it is inevitable that you will reach personal success.

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