Explorations From My Writing Lab

A Perfect Storm of Summer


A collage of reds, golds, and blues. Collage includes a red transparent fish, a black and white images of a child and adult’s legs, a magazine image of a small child running into the ocean, hexagon cut outs, a stamped image of the sun and the words “A Perfect Storm” and “Let me tell you a story.”
Collage on an index card, Image by Gina Kimmel

I could barely open my eyes that morning, but there she was, standing before me. The perfect storm of saltwater and summer haze, dripping from head to toe on the oak-paneled floor of the guest room.

She held out her hand, hoping to pull me from my stupor.



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Gina Kimmel

Gina Kimmel

Capturing the beauty of the ordinary through words and poetry. Noticer of everyday magic and devotion. Shifting forms whenever the mood arises.