Day 7: Zombie wounds

This is part of my ongoing 100 Days of Creativity project. Unfortunately, I have stopped this project until further notice. Stay tuned for more posts.

That looks NASTY!

So the other day, I practiced using special effects makeup for the first time, in preparation for an upcoming film shoot. Working with all these tools was really exciting, as I’ve never worked stuff like liquid latex, fake blood, and bruise palettes, having been more familiar with eyeshadows and lipsticks as my makeup weapons of choice. The goal was to create a wound of the blunt force trauma variety, but it ended up looking more like an infected zombie bite — which is still pretty cool.

I can’t stop looking at the picture and being simultaneously grossed out and fascinated. For those of you unlucky enough to follow me on social media, I’ll probably be Snapchat-ing my progress practicing special effects during these next couple days! 🙈