A New Blogger’s World? Where Do I Start

Being new to the blogging world, I decided to embark on the task of understanding and finding the three blogging platforms that I could test out and try to decide the best option for a beginner. This task was not as easy as I had initially assumed it would be. My original search started with a Google search of “Best CMS platforms”. I soon realized that this was not what I was looking for. What I really needed was a listing of CMS blog platforms instead. This yielded me quite a few hits. These are the most helpful website I found:

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After reading through several websites, I was able to narrow my research down to three blog platforms that had received fairly high reviews in all the pages I had read. The following is a brief review of my experience and research of each blog platform.


The first platform that I started digging into was Postach.io. This site frustrated me immediately. In order to use the site you have to use Evernote. Being new to blogging, I have never heard of Evernote. Just to create an account you have to sign in to an Evernote account and then to test the system before you can start you have to link an Evernote document to Postach.io. This is where I became very disinterested in the system and essentially gave up.


Next I logged onto the Medium blog site. This site had a lot going for it. It was easy to register and you could get started on writing a blog right away. It claims to have great search engine optimization, which also is reiterated in the reviews posted online. It also has built in analytics to monitor traffic reaching your blog. Some of the disadvantages of Medium include no custom domains, no customization options, and no mobile dashboard applications. Overall, medium is very good for reading and writing, however, after reading some of the blogs on the site, the quality of the blogs seem less than desirable for my intentions.


Next up on my list was Ghost. This was by far my favorite of the three that I logged onto. I found this one to be extremely easy to log in to and get started. The writer can basically log on and start writing. Just like Medium it has built in analytics and great search engine optimization. Ghost is free with basic usage, provides highly customizable themes and has a fairly fast and simple interface. The only downfall that I found with Ghost was that it is still fairly new and I could not find a significant amount of feedback on the system itself.

Here is a great overview of the Ghost blogging platform.

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