5 Ways To Get Involved with the Augmented Reality Scene in Hampton Roads

The new augmented world is coming! As an evangelist for Rapid App Development company Scaphold.io with UVA roots transplanted in Silicon Valley these are exciting times to watch the AR scene growing on both coasts. With most of the media attention focused on the engineers from Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Google many don’t realize the extensive use of AR/VR in military applications and naval shipyards that drives a steady supply of talent on the east coast as well.

With the countdown to the iPhone 8 release expected September 2017 and other smart-cameras and smart-glasses on the way, developers are anticipating a huge increase in demand. The growing awareness on how this new tech can be applied to improve our daily lives also means increased opportunities for entrepreneurs as AR starts to touch every industry from education, transportation, medicine and marketing to name just a few.

How can Hampton Roads get involved?

Hampton Roads Augmented Meetup had it’s big kickoff meeting hosted by Ario and J&F Alliance Group. They announced their two upcoming Hackathons to help connect with and recruit local talent and develop the ecosystem.

April 5th— AR Hackathon for C# based developers

April 19th — AR Hackathon for Unity based developers

April 7th Pixelfest 2017 — General Admission is Free! Developers Conf. $75

Hampton Roads VR Facebook Group

* May 1-June 15th = UVA Unity Class *

During the Hackathon kickoff meeting Alan Fiorello, outreach manager of UVA School of Continuing Studies highlighted the brand new Unity certification class used for the Microsoft Hololens. With no prerequisites/age restrictions and no laptop required — they have lowered the barriers for entry. They also are exploring discounts for military, students, and winners of the upcoming hackathons.

I hope you will find some helpful starting points to get involved, and as always I encourage you to add your favorites in the comments as well.

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P.S. This summer, don’t forget RevolutionConf June 1st. Check out the list of speakers they already have lined up including Microsoft Hololens expert Shahed Chowdhuri