7/21 Chapters 7 and 8
Yaniv Aronson

Media convergence is the combination of numerous different media platforms under a single company to ultimately spread a message to a broader audience more successfully. For example, if a company has access to a newspaper, social media, radio, television show, and a website, then they are taking advantage of media convergence across many platforms. “For the company, ownership of such diverse operations is the key to a synergetic mode of production.” (pg 148)

As of right now we may feel as if we have attained media convergence, but the idea of having it complete is impossible as our society is constantly changing technology wise. Just when we think we may have all of the possibilities of media platforms to cover, another type will be on the rise for use and accessibility.

Print media will adapt specifically to the current digital age by redesigning the information and process to create a system that is easier for both the data and the journalists to “move freely between print, television, radio, and Internet outlets.”(pg 149) By doing so, the same information will be spread about the public in an easier manner while maintaining the originality of the traditional print media of society without having it become completely obsolete.