Poetry Revival

The IE Hope Collective is an outreach program, which aids the homeless, displaced, and. impoverished living on the streets and in shelters. We collect essentials such as blankets, water, socks, toiletries, and clothing and disburse them amongst those in need.

We are now attempting to make a larger impact by extending our service to homeless LGBTQ youth. It is more important than ever to continue supporting the most vulnerable and largely ignored people, in all communities. LGBT youth are victimized by all societies and often rejected by the very people that brought them life. So we are now pairing up with Joshua Home, LGBTQ Safe Haven, to create our Poetry Revival Workshops for homeless LGBTQ youth.

As the founder of IE Hope Collective, I am collecting volunteers to provide something as essential for survival: art. The arts (like poetry and painting) are more than a form of entertainment; they are essential for coping with life. They tell the stories of struggle, oppression, and ascension. Poetry is an art that will not only be accessible from their own hearts and minds, but something they can carry in their pocket.

There will be spoken word artists, professors, poets, and speakers. I hope that this will help provide variety, so students are constantly being provided different lessons. If students are able to attend more than one class, they will constantly be learning something new.

Workshops will be held once a month, generally the third Saturday or Sunday of the month, at 1 pm for an hour and fifteen minutes.

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