No Phones in the Shower

We spend nearly all our waking hours on a device of some sort, whether it be a computer, tablet, or smartphone. We often don’t even get a break to sleep, even with Do Not Disturb turned on. We just wait for a response from our Tinder match and the next New York Times headline. Our one respite: the shower.

The water precludes us from taking our phones with us, and for 5–15 minutes, we are blissfully disconnected from the outside world. Personally, I like to sing songs from Jesus Christ Superstar in the shower, but what you do is your business.

Now companies are producing waterproof phones, I suppose intended to be brought along on your next scuba diving adventure? The consequence of which is that we can now bring our phones everywhere and are expected to be connected always. We never get a break, and our generational anxiety only continues to wind up, tighter and tighter, until we inevitably spin out of control thanks to a market that expects constant contact and self-awareness.

I write this on my phone because I do not have my computer with me and also I am a hypocrite. But mostly because I am not in the shower.