After what has been probably a month I’ve been to Melbourne, Singapore, Bangkok, Phuket, and the Thai islands Koh Phi Phi and Koh Tao. And I have lots of stories! Some of them I’ll even tell you. You don’t want to hear my stories from Melbourne (more like I don’t want to tell them). I was drunk the entire time. One story is that I had to jump in the river while downtown to save my purse (don’t hate me Mom). It was gross and not for swimming and I cut my feet. AND I received many a laughter and strange looks while walking drenched back to my hostel. I have my purse though. Purse > dignity

I did have lots of fun. The nightlife in Melbourne was the best so far (until I got to Thailand). I thought the coolest area for going out was Fitzroy, specifically Brunswick Street. It’s more local, not right downtown, and the bars were so cool and fun, especially if you’re like me and like to party but an overcrowded nightclub with blaring DUN-DUN-DUN music wouldn’t be your first choice. Some of my favourite bars so far were there.

When I got to Singapore, I was extra pooped and felt like I needed to recover. I had a full week there so my first couple days I took advantage of the not great weather, lay in bed, ate junk food, and watched every Marvel movie on my computer (Captain America Civil War more than once). Then I realized how bad I smelled, took a shower, and went exploring.

Singapore is a nice place! It’s super clean, and seems extremely safe. Everyone I came across there was really nice. I don’t think I could say more than 1 bad thing about it, the 1 bad thing being that it’s EXPENSIVE. Especially if you don’t know the right places to go which I did not.

I’d say that unless you have specific reasons for going (or you’re just better than me and know the right places), there’s no need to stay in Singapore for a week. It’s not very big and you can see the sights in a matter of days. There are always things to do if you have the money, but after Australia I didn’t feel like I should continue to ball so hard. I saw the generic tourist attractions, the Singapore Flyer, Chinatown, Sri Mariamman Temple, and of course Clarke Quay and the Botanical Gardens, which were some sights to see! Once again I found myself in awe at not only the beautiful temples, but the architecture of the modern day buildings there. I definitely don’t regret going and taking it all in.

After Singapore was Thailand, starting with Bangkok. You don’t want to hear all my Thailand stories either but I’ll say if you’re ever headed to Southeast Asia and love to party that Thailand is for you. But that’s common knowledge by now.

Bangkok is fun! And busy. And a little confusing until you figure out the trains. I stayed in Siam, which isn’t even the extra-bumpin area and was still busy af, but it’s Bangkok. There’s no escaping that. I’d highly recommend going and seeing all the sights, then checking out Khao San Road at night, of course. I was lucky because my friend Braydee flew from Canada for 10 days and met me there. We almost missed Khao San Road too, until our hostel stopped serving drinks at midnight on our last night there, and we took a Tuk Tuk with some new friends (if you go to Bangkok DON’T miss it because it’s wild). Here’s some nice pics of me eating on the Tuk Tuk home before I spilled all over my new friends. Then one of Braydee and me when we had a “photo shoot” in Phuket (one of the most flattering ones).

Phuket was our next stop. Specifically Patong Beach, which is party central, or at least one among the many. It’s a pretty big tourist spot so you get a lot of people in your face trying to sell you things. Bars, clubs, and bars are what took up our time there (and food of course, always). Oh, and the beach but poor Braydee got burned pretty bad so we only hit that once. If you wanna hear more about Phuket ask me in person because I have too many older Facebook friends and relatives that I love dearly and they don’t wanna know. Phi Phi was also party central but slightly more low key and so so fun, with beautiful beaches and fun excursions to do. We went out to Maya bay and went kayaking and snorkeling. The water is literally the most beautiful blue and it was just awesome! AND I loved Koh Tao even more, and I’m not even sure why. I guess it was slightly lower key than Phi Phi and I met some really nice people which makes the biggest difference when you’re traveling alone (Braydee went home after Phi Phi). I had discussed going to the Full Moon Party with a couple different groups. It’s tonight, by the way. But I am currently sitting on a bus going back to Bangkok. Some of you are gonna judge me but I’ve been having way too much fun and honestly didn’t feel up for it (here Mom, this is where you are proud of me). PS I smell really bad again. PS I really wish I had taken more pics the past few weeks, but can’t win em all.

Thailand is truly one of the most beautiful and fun places I’ve been. The people, food, and everything else are great. I’m saying goodbye to Thailand and the partying for now and flying to Vietnam soon to do a couple weeks of volunteer teaching! I’m really looking forward to it because like I said, I need a break. BUT I’m also looking forward to getting some more experience before my job in Spain this summer, and of course seeing Vietnam and what it has to offer.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. Things on my end are pretty good and I’m thankful for the VERY wide variety of experiences South East Asia has given me so far. Feeling alone and disconnected kicks in from time to time, but I wouldn’t take any of this back. I’ve fallen in love with a lot of new things and I’ve come to extra-appreciate the things that I miss. ❤

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