I think a lot of us give consent to get raped.

I don´t know if this is an off topic, but for some reason I can’t explain I found myself watching The Assault and Speak which are movies about rape that take two different actions, different methods of healing and in the end have very inspiring endings.

But I´m not talking about getting raped against your will, or when you are drunk. Which the latter, I believe is something that happens to too many women, too often. I´m referring to giving consent when you don´t really want to have sex.

A lot of women must have gone through this. Just yesterday a friend told me about how she had invited someone over to sleep and the guy kept insisting until she said yes. I mean she said yes in the end, because maybe she was “on”, but really even if it can be assumed that “she is stating otherwise, like come over to my house and have sex with me” since “she is inviting the guy in”. If those words don´t come out of her mouth why would they even try.

I link this a lot to when we have sex not really wanting to, not feeling wet enough, faking orgasms and pleasure, hoping they guy would just come fast, thinking about anything but what´s happening just because you feel an obligation, because that´s what people do, because I don´t want them to get mad a me, because I don´t want them to leave me.

Since when this became okay or normal? Why have so many of us gone through this? Could it be that we are not confident enough in ourselves? Whatever it is, I think we should stop putting ourselves in this situations, that we pretend that are not a big deal, but seriously why even bother in doing something you don´t feel like.

P.S. This is my first post here I don´t know if the language I´m using is permitted or not, but I like this platform so I felt like sharing here.

This is just my honest opinion I´m not blaming any gender directly, but just pointing the fact that sometimes we allow things to happen when we shouldn´t, even if it´s not a violent physical assault. We could be allowing a violent assault to our soul…who we are and what we feel.


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