Being a label: the second round of stigma in the Emergency Department
Candace H

I’m sorry that you were abused by the people we’re supposed to trust for our care. It is shameful that patients are treated this way in any healthcare setting.

I had several bad ER encounters due to being labeled as “narcotic seeking behavior” for disclosing I had been sexually assaulted & have PTSD. I was given haldol told it was a pain medication in an ER after being brought in by ambulance for a broken ovarian cyst, post-surgery. I chose to go AMA when male providers refused to permit my request to have a female present for a transvaginal ultrasound. Mostly the shock of feeling the effects of being drugged as well as distress they would force me to endure an invasive exam given my honest disclosure of facts.

I wrote the facility explaining what the male providers had done when I’d asked for a female chaperone present. I received the same type of brush-off letter like you received, as well. Hopefully patients like us; who refuse to accept this harm, find ways to use the system to allow changes that help others.

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