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GINcoin Budget Blocks on Testnet

On Monday, it was announced that the GIN testnet had been updated with the superblock functionality for the GIN Foundation and Freighter Fleet budget allocations. First superblock was scheduled at block 32350 on testnet.

All testnet node runners were required to update the node by compiling the latest master (no binaries are released). No action was required from mainnet node runners.

The superblocks started successfully on Testnet, so the work continued on the Mainnet superblock support to be released along with the Komodo notaries update.


  • 20 Jun — GINcoin wallet v1.3 release with superblocks and Komodo update
  • 10 Jul — New wallet enforcement date (hard fork)
  • 11 Jul — First superblock

It’s the last report of May!

Define “balance”. (Photo by Tyler Milligan on Unsplash)

Today we have released support for continuously running workloads on the GIN Freighter Fleet. The code has been distributed to the freighters and we are waiting for all alphas to update to start distributing test workloads that run continuously (daemons) and get renewed from time to time. This is one of the important differentiators between our work with GEA and similar “distributed datacenter” projects: the ability to run services, not only jobs.

🗺️Freighter Fleet Roadmap & Current Progress

  • ✔️Freighter software alpha
  • ✔️GIN Platform DAM software alphaEU1 GIN Platform DAM software deployment
  • ✔️Real time network explorer
  • ✔️Test…

Everything GIN is shipshape and Bristol fashion. (Photo by Maximilian Weisbecker on Unsplash)

GINware — Hardware wallet support for GINcoin now released!

You can now use GIN on Ledger and Trezor devices with GINware! GINware is a desktop app that enables the use of Ledger Nano S, Trezor One and Trezor Model T with GIN.

Features include:

  • No need to sync the blockchain
  • Check address balance
  • Send/receive GIN
  • Start your masternodes
  • Check masternode status

Note: GINware’s Ledger Nano S support has been submitted for official review by the Ledger team, and according to their current pipeline, a release should be on its way to the Ledger Live Manager in due time. Until then, you can use the alternate method described here.


Dragos taking off for New York. 2019, colorized (Photo by Dominik Scythe on Unsplash)

GIN went to Consensus

And had a blast.

Our CTO Dragos attended the Consensus conference in the Big Apple, between 13–15 May! He was accompanied by the GIN Foundation CEO — Mr. Spenser Mooney (better known as Spoonzus).

Here’s the beginning of their journey.

The subject of new Staking as a Service (StaaS) companies was discussed.

They sent us updates from day 2.

They met with Radix CTO Dan.

And with Justin from DAPS.

They enjoyed New York by night.

And took cheeky selfies by day.

We’re eagerly awaiting more photos, news, and info.

Coin updates

The latest coins…

Labour Day means one thing and one thing only. First visit to the seaside!

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GIN was listed on Crypto Hunter!

What is Crypto Hunter?

Developed by Swyft (SATC coin), Crypto Hunter is here to deliver a fun educational experience in helping users with masternode setups, tools, and sharing community apps/videos, all through its gameplay, while also connecting businesses to the touch point of everyday users through the Apple Store and Google Play.

The fun part is in the gameplay, collecting denomination value of each coin in AR game play much like Pokemon Go, but also being able to learn about the coin and project you are…

GIN Freighter Fleet

Freighter Fleet Update

If you kept your eyes on the Freighter Fleet real time explorer (https://freighters.ginplatform.io/) you have probably noticed new activity, especially CDeploy and CResult messages which seem to popup from time to time. This is because the test Cargo has just started running on the Freighter Fleet and the map lightens every 15 minutes when new batches of Cargo are deployed. We also put together a new stats panel so you can see the activity in real time. It’s right in the bottom left.

Currently, it shows:

Cargo deployed 7827

Active Freighters 19

Total CPUs 29

Total Memory 55 GB


One of our busiest weeks (and months) EVER.

We have mixed feelings about April showers. (Photo by Rhendi Rukmana on Unsplash)

First ERC20 masternode support

GIN was the first platform where everyone could deploy a masternode, without any tech skills. Currently, there are 128 masternode coins supported by the platform. And counting.

GIN is determined to stay true to its principle of constant innovation. That is why the GIN Platform becomes the first one to support deployment of ERC20 masternodes.


The first ERC20 masternodes available on the GIN Platform are AURA nodes. These can be built effective immediately.

Pricing wise, the AURA nodes are a bit more expensive than other nodes on the platform, due to…

Told you April was around the corner.

Coffee. So much coffee. Coffee is life, coffee is love. (Photo by Mike Kenneally on Unsplash)

GIN on LiveCoin

On the 2nd of April GIN trading went live on LiveCoin!

Established over 5 years ago in March of 2014, LiveCoin is a well established cryptocurrency exchange formed in the United Kingdom. Right at first glance, what’s exciting about LiveCoin for consumers is the ability for USD and EURO pairings, while also providing the ability for a FIAT Gateway to directly buy their favorite coins. What’s really exciting about LiveCoin is the volume and potential liquidity it provides. LiveCoin consistently boasts a daily trading volume above $10 mil USD, placing it right next…

March is just short for “march on towards your goals”.

Our calendar is way more busy. But we do have stickers on our laptops. (Photo by Matt Ragland on Unsplash)

New Exchange Listing

GIN can now be traded on Livecoin.net!

“Time doth flit”. Have you noticed it’s almost April?

Soar like an eagle. (Photo by Jan Solà SB on Unsplash)

GIN Foundation is now registered!

GIN Foundation has been registered as of 18 March 2019 in Amsterdam, Netherlands!

What is the GIN Foundation and how does it benefit me?

Similar to other crypto foundations you may have heard of before (Ether, Dash, Litecoin, Tron, Zen etc.), the duty of the foundation is to advance the notoriety and presence of the coin. The mission of the foundation is to make GIN and GEA protocol globally trusted, recognized and used. The foundation will advance the use of the GIN and GEA protocol in various other blockchain projects. In…

GIN Platform

GIN provides cryptocurrency investors with an easy way of creating and deploying their own masternode(s) - regardless of their technical abilities | gincoin.io

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