This week in GIN — 12th of April, 2019

One of our busiest weeks (and months) EVER.

We have mixed feelings about April showers. (Photo by Rhendi Rukmana on Unsplash)

First ERC20 masternode support

GIN was the first platform where everyone could deploy a masternode, without any tech skills. Currently, there are 128 masternode coins supported by the platform. And counting.

GIN is determined to stay true to its principle of constant innovation. That is why the GIN Platform becomes the first one to support deployment of ERC20 masternodes.


The first ERC20 masternodes available on the GIN Platform are AURA nodes. These can be built effective immediately.

Pricing wise, the AURA nodes are a bit more expensive than other nodes on the platform, due to different setup requirements. The node is only available as dedicated, and it will cost $30/month.

To onboard first respondents, we’ve introduced a 50% lifetime discount for the first 10 nodes.

Pricing updates

In order to ease freighter adoption, we’ve decided to make some changes in the current pricing options.

Starting today, the price for a dedicated GIN node will be reduced to $9.99/month, instead of $12.60.

At the same time, the option of deploying a GIN cloud node will be removed. All future GIN nodes will be dedicated ones.

The old GIN cloud nodes will not be affected by this change. You’ll still be able to run them as they are, or to upgrade them to dedicated, at the new price. However, for the current dedicated GIN nodes, the option to downgrade will be removed as well.

For DASH, PIVX, and ZEN masternodes the price will also change to $24.90/month.

GIN Foundation Funding Proposal

CEO of GIN Foundation — Mr. Mooney — has just released a budget proposal. It features superblocks that are created monthly. Read it here:

On the 18th of April, 2019, the proposal for funding the foundation and the freighter fleet will go to the vote. Both masternodes deployed on the platform and external ones will be able to cast their vote.

Battlestarcap features GIN!

Battlestar Capital, a financial services firm known to provide the largest staking custodian services in the world, recently listed GINcoin amongst its supported portfolio coins!

GIN is live on CryptoWolf!

A few months back, the pausing of Cryptopia directly halted one of the more popular features of instantly exchanging altcoins directly for GIN, especially when it came to your hosting fees. Over the weeks following, we heard from countless members of the community how much this feature was valued and missed.

That being said, it was our pleasure to announce that GIN is available on CryptoWolf for instant exchange with other currencies! This enables GIN Platform users to credit their account balances with other altcoins that get converted to GIN at market price. In the coming days, the widget will return on the platform for you to “Deposit Altcoins for GIN” to fund your balances.

GIN team on the road

From the 13th till the 15th of May, 2019, Dragos (CTO) and Spoonz (GIN Foundation CEO) will be in New York at Consensus.

CLO Alex will attend Paris Blockchain Week as well.

Weekly (+AMA) Recap

There’s also been some buzz on our social channels about what’s been going on lately. (Shout-out to CFO Alex for answering batches of Q’s!) And a lot has, so let’s make a quick recap.

1. ERC20 masternodes are now available on the GIN Platform! We’re the first ones to support this, and the first available token is AURA!
2. Funding — we’re doing everything we can to raise capital so we can finish implementing Freighters. Discussions with funds, emails, calls, attending shows and conferences, you name it. We’re working at full stretch. (It’s the only way we know how, anyway.)
3. GIN Foundation is live and alive! Mr. Spoonz just submitted a funding proposal, you can find it here.
4. We got listed on LiveCoin. We got listed on CryptoWolf. We’ll continue pegging away at getting listed on others.
5. What do “May” and “Marketing” have in common? They both start in May. (And yes, I am ashamed of this bad joke.) More to come on this soon.

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