This week in GIN — 14th of December, 2018

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All we want for Christmaaas is wiiiiine! (Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash)

Our tireless community member Kabak launched the first mobile app using the GIN Platform API. It’s called Node Commander Mobile and allows you to monitor your GIN Platform nodes and get mobile notifications on rewards and MN status changes.

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All the credit for the design goes to BC!

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Currently available on Android, with releases for iOS and Windows soon. You have to request API access by emailing CTO Dragos at for the moment, while the authentication mechanism is in the works.

You can download the app here:

Oh, and by the way, Spanish is now a supported language on the GIN platform! 🇪🇸

Coin updates

The latest coins added on the platform are:

The platform now supports 120 masternode coins.

Coin overview

At the moment, we’re at 6,325 masternodes — for an updated number in real time, check the platform, right on the top left!

Currently, GIN Coin is estimated at 0.00041319 BTC.

GIN in other media

Once again, it feels good to be in the top! Thanks, Steve!

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