This week in GIN — 15th of March, 2019

GIN Platform
Mar 15 · 3 min read
Did you know NASA has an Unsplash account? (Photo by NASA on Unsplash)


GIN was listed on Binance Info! This is part of Binance platform that disseminates information on interesting projects. We are honored that GIN was approved in here. Also, this is a good way to make GIN and its community more known to the huge community that Binance has. Onwards and upwards!

DASH MNs go DIP003

DASH masternodes on the GIN Platform are now created using DIP003, Deterministic Masternode List registration. To our knowledge, we are the first automated masternode deployment platform supporting DIP003 and the new DASH masternode model. Existing DASH nodes can be upgraded to DIP003 by clicking a button in your personal dashboard (see below).

The “Crypto-Pay It Forward” competition

As one of the first cryptocurrencies to be available on PolisPay, we received their blessing to distribute 100 card invitations — what this meant was that our community members were able to cut through the line and get their hands on a card faster than others.

The competition ends on Monday, the 18th, so you still have time to sign up. In order to participate, you have to tag 5 friends on Twitter, telling them GIN is one of the first coins supported by @polispayapp and using the #GINPOLIS hashtag.

Coin updates

The latest coins added on the platform are:

Platform overview

We passed the 8k milestone! To infinity and beyond!

GIN in other media

Have you seen the CryptoBridge article on GIN? We’ll give you a taste:

The GIN team brings technical, ethical and business acumen in equal measure to the emergent digital asset industry while also looking to grow in ways that take root outside of it. The outgrowth of their foundational qualities has given rise to a vibrant and supportive community as well. After becoming early leaders in the masternode space, it’s hard to imagine them not doing so in others with a wider array of individuals.

“Vibrant and supportive” — right on, right on! That’s you, guys!

Read the entire article here:

MastersOfNodes explain the “Crypto-Pay It Forward” competition and they do it quite well. Check it out:

GIN Platform

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GIN provides cryptocurrency investors with an easy way of creating and deploying their own masternode(s) - regardless of their technical abilities |

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