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Aug 17, 2018 · 3 min read
Great success! (Photo by Vernon Raineil Cenzon on Unsplash)

Over 70 coins available on the GIN Platform.

Over 4,000 masternodes created using the GIN Platform.

Over 10M total value of hosted masternodes on the GIN Platform.

Over 4,000 followers on Twitter, over 6,000 on Discord, and closing in to 2,000 on Telegram.

All in 5 months.

GIN team reveal-moment celebratory stash. (Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)

And now team GIN is public. Goodbye, anonymity, the project finally got incorporated and everyone can meet the people who are behind GIN Platform LTD. You can say hello to Emil Muthu (CEO), Alexandru Andreescu (CFO), Dragos Badea (CTO), and Alexandru Stanescu (CLO and Strategic Communications) on their LinkedIn profiles.

Bottom line: good things come to those who wait.

Coin Listing Lane

Since we started the rapid listing of new coins, the GIN Platform extended support for masternodes of over 70 coins.

In our journey for staying leading masternode infrastructure provider we do not consider prioritizing the listing of coins anymore, as we consider most of the well known coins are already here (except a few non DASH/PIVX clones that we are working on — see ZEN).

Going forward we introduce a listing fee of 300 GIN for adding coins and also support new coins that are not on an exchange yet, but have MN owners eager to host them in a robust and secure way. The fee applies to any coin that is not available on the GIN Platform today.

Application form with online payment is available here:!/apply.

Coin updates

The latest coins added on the platform are:

Coin overview

At the moment, we’re at 4,082 masternodes — for an updated number in real time, check the platform, right on the top left!

Currently, GIN coin is estimated at 0.00067000 BTC.

The GIN platform has now served to setup and host the following masternodes:

Tier 1

1. Blocknet

2. Bulwark


4. Gentarium

5. GIN

6. Infinex

7. Ionomy

8. MCT+

9. Phore

10. PIVX

11. SmartCash

12. Syscoin

13. ZCoin

Tier 2

14. AceD

15. ACRE

16. Adrenaline

17. ALQO

18. Apollon

19. APR Coin

20. Bifrost

21. Bitcoin Green

22. Bitcoin Incognito

23. Bulwark

24. Carebit

25. CatoCoin

26. Condominium

27. Crave

28. Deviant

29. Dystem

30. Escrow

31. Faust

32. Galactrum

33. GambleCoin

34. GenesisX

35. Gentarium

36. Giant

37. GoByte

38. Gravium

39. HempCoin

40. HexxCoin

Break time. Counting is boring. Look at this view!! (Photo by Mohamed Thasneem on Unsplash)

41. Kalkulus

42. Know Your Developer

43. LightPayCoin

44. Lobstex

45. Marble

46. Mano

47. MonetaryUnit

48. Monkey

49. Monoeci

50. Motion

51. Neos

52. Nodium

53. PACCoin

54. Polis

55. Pura

56. Quantis

57. Rhenium

58. Seather

59. SIBCoin

60. Solaris

61. Stakenet

62. Stipend

63. TransferCoin

64. Trittium


66. VSync

67. XDNA

68. Zealium

69. ZestCoin

70. Zoomba

Tier 3

71. KrakenCoin

72. LuckyBit

73. Marble

GIN in other media

“GINcoin […] has one unique thing about it: it’s a masternode coin made to support other masternode coins.” That’s how the analysis made by the UseTheBitcoin team starts. We have to admit, it feels good to be called “unique”. Read the analysis here:

Altcoin Magazine helped us publish this beauty, which compares two investment tools: rental property and masternodes: Give it a shot, it’s an interesting read!

AltcoinDude crunches the numbers that construct a GIN masternode: Thanks again, dude!

Back to work now. (Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash)

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