This week in GIN — 1sth of February, 2019

What year is it, again? | Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

The name of the game is work, work, work. It’s a miracle of technology that our devs keyboards haven’t caught fire yet. Feb has just begun, but it feels like the 28th is already here. So… 1sth.

GIN Platform Update(s)

Seed 2FA

We have enabled 2FA for all users authenticating with a seed, to further secure your accounts. Everytime you try to log in with your seed, you will have to confirm the login with a time-dependent code sent to your email address.

DPOW Wallets & Algo change

We’re hard at work implementing dpow protection, but it’s taking us longer than expected. As such, we might be forced to push the algo change date 1 week later than previously announced.

Coin updates

The latest coins added on the platform are:

Platform Stats

We’re at 7,630 nodes and counting. Maybe we should put up a graph showing how the numbers have evolved week over week. What do you think?