Food and Quality pots

If you are passionate about cooking, it stands that you’ll want the best tools at your disposal in order to create healthy, tasty meals, time after time.

A good quality pot set is generally a good starting point when it comes to getting equipped, but with so many different products in the market, it can be very difficult to know what to look for, unless you understand the core elements of the topfset test, of course.

What is the topfset test?

Quite simple. The topfset test encompasses several criteria you should judge pans, pots and saucers on before committing to a purchase. By focusing on the following, you will be able to ensure that your kitchen is stocked with the best quality equipment.

Certain metals have a tendency to react with different foods. For example, aluminum is likely to affect the taste of acidic dishes, such as tomato based pasta sauces. The less reactive the material, the purer your recipe will be.

Low budget cookware is more likely to become scratched or blemished over time, and this can affect everything from the taste to the appearance of your meal. Stainless steel pots are widely regarded as the most durable on the market, whereas cheaper aluminum models tend to become damaged much more quickly.

Some metals conduct heat much better than others. Copper pots for example, make heat control as effortless as can be and this can give you the upper hand when preparing multiple dishes at a time. In a busy kitchen, timing is everything, as pots with above average conductivity help facilitate multi tasking.

Most time we love to go for the cheaper things and sometimes we forget that theses cheap things comes with a hidden cost as they would end up not serving us as long as we want or expect them to or even end up not giving us the exact satisfaction we need from them. The topfset test serves you even beyond your expectations and provides all the satisfactions you will need from cooking pots.