How social media affect’s Business and celebrities

How social media affect’s Business

Social media has become the new bounding line for businesses to implement their marketing strategies. With a low barrier to entry and multiple platforms to turn to advantage, social media offers incomparable opportunities for companies to reach customers and establish brand awareness. Social-media marketing is an lovely way for businesses to widen their exposure to the public at a much lower cost than traditional marketing. Establishing a presence on widely used platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can help target new customers and make your brand more visible. A business can easy set up a presence on multiple social media channels; however, none of these platforms will help them gain customers without an investment of time and effort. For individuals, this means you must be a bit more guarded to maintain an acceptable appearance on social media. For human resources hiring departments, social media sites give them access to much more candidate information than they previously would’ve had at their fingertips. Social media can be both advantageous and a disadvantage for both employers and potential employees as well. Here we have listed a few advantages and disadvantages in terms of how social media affects the hiring process. Traditionally, employers have mostly been limited to the information that candidates provide on their paper resumes. With the advent of social media, employers now have access to much more candidate information than before, including information regarding personal interests, social interactions, and even previous work samples. Employers must be careful with what types of information they are accessing through social media, as accessing the wrong type of information can actually lead to discrimination cases. In addition, a social media profile doesn’t always give the best overview of a potential employee, and you might make a decision without trying to get a glimpse at the candidate’s bigger picture.

How social media affect’s celebrities

Celebrities are everywhere and whether you realize it or not, they can easily change the way you look or act. They rely on social media sites to boost their career, but how does that affect you? What makes someone a celebrity is their ability to gain attention. If millions are watching or admiring them then obviously they are impacting someone in one way or another. If you have ever been on a celebrity’s social media site you have probably noticed the amount of fans or followers they have. Whether that be thousands or millions, they are still broadcasting everything to a large group of people. In today’s society being good looking is how someone defines you. If all you see is how great everyone else looks, it’s obviously going to affect the way you look at yourself. If a celebrity decides to change their style, so do many others. Although it’s not the only reason people change out their old clothes, celebrities still set trends which people go off of. There are some celebrities who are famous for their childlike or inappropriate behavior. These traits are then passed on to people who think that they are funny or entertaining. Once one thing starts, it’s passed on though social media until it becomes the next big thing. This is usually what celebrities want. The more people that are talking about them, the more money they will make. Celebrities show most of their lives to the world. Although not all, a lot of them have pretty messed up relationships. Some celebrities make it seem as though only materialistic things matter. They are constantly buying things and their whole lives are based off of that. They think they have to spend their money only on the best things in order to look good to the public.