Lost on Purpose
Brandon Evans

Can totally relate to your piece! I’m at the stage of folding my current life (owner of two successful International companies), getting rid of the unsustainable 20 hour working days and just…well, simplifying things on my own terms. Having had more then enough money in the past, it’s no longer a need in my life. For the past couple of years I’ve been exploring alternative lifestyles and when my children are all independent, then I’ll follow my heart and do the things I truly enjoy and feel ‘called’ to. The hectic pace of life is damaging so many people…and for what? Why have we come to base our self worth on external materialism? It’s time for a fundamental change in attitudes and values. I’m currently working on my second book ‘Start With Happy’ which I hope will give an alternative, ‘out of the box’ look at life and peel away our institutionalised thinking, which is pressed upon us as soon as we enter the first link in the system — school! ;-)

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