7 Reasons Why Life Sucks
Bo Farewell

What Bo Farewell wrote is exactly my thinking! I find it very difficult to understand that this line of thinking is not the “norm.” I absolutely do not believe in karma. I hate it when people say to me “what comes around goes around.” No it doesn’t, I have seen way too many evil, nasty people who end up with the beautiful families, in the nice neighborhood with money to go on extravagant vacations. I actually used to wait for their life to fall apart. Well guess what it? It didn’t it usually got better, better promotion, better vacations and a in ground pool for their fabulous parties. I don’t believe in God and where to even begin to explain that to someone who does is indescribably frustrating because you can never win that argument with them. They’ll always believe and no matter how much I would love to believe that when I die my beautiful spirit will rise and God will explain why it is so effed up down here, sorry ain’t gonna happen. Bad things happen to good people, innocent people, children and animals. The last 2 children and animals I have the most difficult time with because if there was a God in no means ever possible would I ever let the suffering happen to the most innocent of all creatures on earth. My son was 12 years old when a man at our local bike park offered my son bike parts we could of never of afforded and all my son would have to do would be to follow him across the street to where they were. Well the rest is in this perverts record. He repeatedly raped my son, made my son perform acts on him and videotaped it and distributed it to the sick underground society (that prosper and karma seems to ignore). My son lived with the secret for a year. When he did tell us and we had the man prosecuted. He went to jail but my son lost his childhood, dreams and now is future. He is turning 20 and is a severe heroin addict. He suffers from extreme PTSD. This year alone he has been to 3 rehabs, a sober living facility and has suffered 2 overdoses. We have spent over $40,000 so far this year and they want him to start the recovery all over again because he relapsed. What did he do that was so wrong at 12 to have this sort of “karma?” Life is the luck of the draw and when people say “he’s lucky that guy didn’t kill him.” I tell them to go ____ themselves, because he did kill my son. It’s just a slow, sad and tormented death.

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