One Weird Trick to Lose Size
Ben Sandofsky

Back in 2012, before I started at Apple, a friend and I built Fun Folds – a photo manipulation app – which supported iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, all at both Standard and Retina screen resolutions. We even supported 8 languages, including Chinese with its own localised app name/logo. Unoptimised the app weighed 12MB but after optimising images only it weighed a miniscule 3.5MB. And this was back in the days before App Thinning, Asset Catalogs and LLVM Bytecode.

For transparent PNGs I used ImageAlpha to reduce the bit-depth, the reasoning being that by reducing the number of colours in a PNG to just enough to represent the contents – rather than the overkill of millions of colours – you’ll enable better compression gains. I then ran these smaller indexed-colour transparent PNGs through ImageOptim (which does pngcrush and more) to get the best compression for each image. These two steps gave huge optimisation gains.

For JPG I used the JPGmini desktop app to reduce the size of photos with no perceptible loss of visual quality.

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