#5 — Can you read What’s in my mind now?

25 is the age of complicated thinking, sometimes joyful then lonely and even fall to the deepest hell of life.

If you can’t read the feeling of someone, don’t guess what you think and apply it as the truth. You can show off you are a boss, you will be a boss but never have my appreciation. You and me are just the stranger in life or just the one I had know, nothing better.

I had lost a half of my life for the negative thinking and felt hard to get out of that. Because, I was born in a countryside family and I had a big wrong choice for the starting. For now, I try to drive it the right way, it’s all about challenge. The harsh difficulty of life is fixing the weakness points of yourself. I will try to keep up with the current speed and turn it up to the new level

While everyone is proud of their skill and improves it, I still on the way to get closer to the starter of the ART Road.

Somebody got me down by the obstacles they created by the social communication seems like the way they kill a dream of a innocent boy when he wishes to be an astronaut.

I was born in a normal family, they told me I wasn’t a perfect one. I feel unconfident with my current beauty and potential. Life isn’t easy, I know it and I must overcome all of this implication.

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