A Constitutional Crisis: The most creative response imaginable

The Rotunda of the U.S. Capital — Library of Congress

We have an obligation to look closely at the dangers of the real world without finching — and it is our shared Responsibility to try understand — as best we can — the true nature of what is happening here, so that each of us, as Rational adults is called upon to assume the role of protecting and defending the U.S. Constitution and The Rule of Law.

Even though there is no doubt that reasonable folks are in the majority, it is also clear that those who continue to support President Trump beyond measure, who — for any “reason” — may continue to place their trust in him, seem to have intentionally separated themselves from those of us for whom both reason and passion tend to be in balance (and as far as I know, in my lifetime, no matter who has held the Office of the Presidency, I have always felt ‘at home’ in this self-governing Democratic Republic.

As I understand it, this President and his advisors (and now working with his personal lawyers and his spokesperson (now WH Communications Director) have succeeded in continuing this narrative that he is a successful businessman, [although that, too, remains to be seen]; and that he is capable of what they, themselves, are capable of: Caring for other people, and enjoying their Liberty [although they don’t seem to be the least bit reluctant to exercise their Hostility against numberless other people, which — historically — is Totally Un-American]; and at their best they take responsibility for caring for their families and one another [but deny that the majority of other folks do the same thing!]. : (

I know many of these folks and I can separate what they have said and done from who I know them to be. They are loved ones and they are somethimes family members who otherwise seem reasonable; but not now; not in their current understanding of who we are in America.

For one thing, these supporters of the WH, in its current manifestation, tend to think that only They are angry!

What they don’t quite understand is that many of us (if we take note of what is referred to as “the Popular” vote — the ‘one person, one vote concept — we can safely say that the majority of us) have been angry since the last time the ‘one-person, one-vote’ concept didn’t elect the President (Al Gore, in 2000) who won the popular vote!

But we still honored Geo. W. Bush as our President, even though we may have had some policy differences, and even though there was a misjudgment surrounding the conflict in Iraq, which was based on a mis-reading of human intelligence, a majority of Americans have similar dreams and expectations for our success — and many Americans understand that because we have been given such a great opportunity to grow and develop new ideas, and new products and services, and the knowledge that has contributed in an active way to the growth and development of the rest of the world — we also have a moral responsible to those less fortunate (to the extect that it is feasible for us to be of help Constructively, without neglecting those of us here at home who may be suffering through the degradation of poverty or ill-health.

There but for fortune (far more than you may now think) go you, or I. You or I.

It’s not a Democrat / Republican / Independent kind of issue.

It’s a 98% versus the 1 % issue!

As for the view most identified with the Democratic party — as to Health Care — for example, it is my understanding (after having given it a great deal of consideration for many, many years, and having an extensive amount of experience both as a patient and as a health care provider — the approach to “cost cutting” that is most reasonable is the investment in Preventive Care.

Those who are healthy generally tend to demonstrate greater Happiness.

This also leads to more Productivity and greater Conscientiousnes, and — perhaps the most important ‘motivational factor’ ever: The chance to be Creative!

We were able to elect President Obama in 2008 because it was very clear that he was Honorable, Courteous and Kind, and that he Cared for other people; and had the Clarify of Mind and the Goodwill and spirited direction to be trusted to Care for All of the American people (and Believed that Peace on Earth was not only possible, but our best chance for Prosperity! It was in our Economic interest!

One could be forgiven for believing that many of those who gave him such a difficult time were overcome by his Goodwill, his Intelligence and his Discipline.

Democrats I know tend to be philosophical, and patient and Kind; and most certainly are not deserving of having 36 % of our own fellow Americans being Angry and as Hostile as the dickens with US!

We are on Your side, against any and all threats to the quiet enjoyment of our Lives!

What we should all probably be trying to do is to FIX shat’s wrong, so that we can all Return to Normal as soon as Possible!

I pray that my friends/adversaries in this may come to realize that our President is Unwell.

I pray that he will — for the love of God and Mankind and all that is Sacred — refrain from sowing the poisonous seeds of Chaos and Confusion every night and every day, (including Sundays!) and consider stepping aside, if he will; and as Gracefully as possible, and that he himself with take this particular step in direct fulfillment of the Oath he took before God and before the American People (and in the face of all of the nations of the world), “to faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States,” and that he would — to the best of his ability — “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

This would be the most Honorable and the most Creative Response imaginable, to this Constitutional Crisis