Owning Our Shit
Adrian J Anchondo

Um, you didn’t piss me off. I am behind your rant 100%. VanJones said it best, when he stated it felt like a white lash. Well it does, but even more so I feel bitched slapped as well. Yes, the venomous hatred of Hillary is to blame. I voted for Kerry, not liking the vice presidential candidate he ran with John Edward’s, but Kerry got swift boated & we found ourselves with a second Bush in office across this great land for two terms. I forewarned many about the electoral college and was not earth struck as many were when it went down down that way. But depression settled in & I am silently watching the grand dragon of the klan put in place men of white power. This is a Yhuge setback for ALL…concerned. I had no idea that the white male ego had been so injured with the very thought of a woman in office or that an African American man and his family showed them how it’s done would rattle their white cave man cages. The middle class thought they were forgotten on the Trump side, hunny wait until they find out how much they just got screwed & used for their vote. They’ll be standing in line to use my jar of Vaseline in order to make it not so painful everytime …thank you for writing this. Guess I will be buying Vaseline by buttloads…every pun intended. 🕊💜🕯