Trump(doesn’t)Care about your health.

What happens when your hotel does not work out? Maybe your stakeholders pull out or you declare bankruptcy.

What happens when your health care plan is not successful? People die.

Last week, President Trump, the “ultimate dealmaker”, failed at passing the proposed Republican replacement plan for the Affordable Care Act.

This legislation could not even gain enough support from the Republicans to come up for a vote. As it turns out, giving the ultrarich tax breaks on the backs of the 24 million Americans that would lose health insurance is unpopular with everyone.

Why was the President not successful in closing this deal? It is simple — Trumpcare is not a plan for the people. If you are a healthy, wealthy, man, Trumpcare is for you. But if you are one of the thousands that depend on Medicaid, if you have a mental health or substance abuse issue, or if you are a woman who needs access to prenatal care, Trump(doesn’t)Care about your health.

President Trump said that the American Health Care Act didn’t pass because of Democrats refusal to work on this legislation, but it failed because the American people made sure their voice was heard.

I know that the Affordable Care Act needs work. I have heard from my constituents in Hawaii about their rising premiums, the rising costs of drugs, and the strain on small business owners.

I am ready to listen. I want to hear your stories: how has the ACA succeeded or failed you? I want to show my colleagues what was done right and what needs to be improved. Let’s work together to create a successful health care system for our children.

Submit your ACA story or idea here.