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I often get requests from mortgage companies craving help with their real estate industry outreach and purchase business: “We can’t figure out how to win real estate.”

The harsh reality is that many mortgage companies struggle to deliver an excellent purchase experience for both consumers and the real estate pros they work with. Here are a few of the top reasons why:

1. You’re missing a defined, measurable and efficient journey for homebuyers and their real estate agents

Without repeatable end-to-end borrower and real estate agent journeys, people don’t get a consistently awesome experience when they work with your brand:

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I talk to many companies desiring to grow or evolve their businesses, and I’m often asked, “What do you think of my brand positioning?”

Frequently, I’ll have senior execs listen to my feedback and proceed to tell me what I should think about their brand.

Can we call this phenomenon brandsplaining? The most arrogant (or stubborn) of companies don’t even wait for the feedback to brandsplain how they think they are (or should be) perceived.

This reaction tells me a lot about the willingness of the people at these companies to evolve their businesses and create great customer experiences that…

Ginger Wilcox

Marketing Exec, Philanthropist, Former CMO @ Sindeo, Marketing & Partnerships @ Trulia. Lover of Social, Real Estate, Spreadsheets, Spinning & the Beach.

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