Why I’m voting for Hillary Clinton
DeRay Mckesson

The republicans want to give everyone school choice. The democrats don’t. Who do you think that hurts the most? Republicans want to stop the massive flood of immigration, we dont have enough jobs here. Who does that hurt the most? The Republicans want to stop this insane amount of debt, trillions of dollars, who do you think is going to pay for that? Who will that hurt the most? What has the democratic party done for you? When the country is suffering we all suffer. Why not give a business man a chance? Hillary has never even run a hotdog stand. Big government can’t create jobs.

The democratic party thrives on racism. They like to stir it up! Can’t you see, they want to keep it going to get votes. Thats why they want to make all the illegal citizens into citizens….to get votes! They have no plan. So they have to make the otherside look like the bad guys, but in reality the Republicans want everyone to do well, have a great robust economy. Trump wants everyone to have the good life, make America great for everyone again. We trade out billions and have more money flowing out than flowing in because of bad trade deals. We have drugs destroying lives coming in form Mexico. He wants to stop all that. Our country is going down, he truly wants to fix it. Washington is so corrupt. He wants term limits, that would stop all the “career” politicians, selling out to corporations and lobbyist to constantly get elected. Even Hillary’s right hand woman is a Muslim with terriosts ties. Check it out on Wikipedia and youtube. I hope you will consider these ideas and maybe see the other side? Hillary has no plans other than to demonize Trump. It will be more of the same if she gets elected.

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