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These last three years, out of all the success he had — five rings, multiple MVPs, All-Star Game MVP of this league, first team for all-life, all-world, all-basketball — felt like these last three years were the happiest I’ve ever seen him…being able to just be with his daughters, be with his family, because when we’re playing this game of basketball, we give so much to it. — Lebron James on Kobe Bryant

Whatever your opinion is of Kobe Bryant, few people will deny that he made basketball a thrill to watch for 20 years. Hardly anyone would doubt his dedication to the game. He was someone to aspire to not just for his raw talent, but for his dedication to fundamental disciplines like practice, study, and hard work. …

The Christian Themes in Pixar’s Onward

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In over 20 years of storytelling, Pixar has shown us that it doesn’t matter if you’re talking about toys, monsters, fish, or made-up creatures — you can still tell human stories. Toys can help us cope with feeling unwanted. Fish can teach us how to let go of our fears. Monsters can teach us about integrity in the workplace. And little rat chefs are just adorable.

In Onward, two brothers learn a lesson in gratitude while on a quest. Ian Lightfoot, the shy and skinny protagonist never met his deceased father and has an opportunity to see him for one more day. His rambunctious, unaccomplished older brother Barley is determined to make this happen, armed only with a retro van and an obsession with ancient magic, which the world has long forgotten but he is familiar with due to his obsession with a Dungeons and Dragons-style game called Quests of Yore. …

Kobe Bryant demonstrates his basketball IQ by analyzing past NBA games
Kobe Bryant demonstrates his basketball IQ by analyzing past NBA games
Detail: From the mind of Kobe Bryant (ESPN)

“What matters most is playing the game the right way and having the courage to grow…When you do that, the [championship] ring takes care of itself.” Phil Jackson, Eleven Rings

Basketball teaches us a lot about design. True players know that it’s not just about shooting the ball all the time — the actual mechanics are about keeping the ball moving and working together as a team to create scoring opportunities. This is what it means to play “good basketball” and it requires each player to have good Basketball IQ.

Basketball IQ is a player’s ability to read the situation at game speed, make good decisions, and execute the right play at the right time. It is a special awareness of the game that transcends mere technical skills. …



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